Omega Entertainment thanks you our loyal customers for making and keeping us the leader in LGBT Entertainment in the DMV and the entire East Coast.

Eleven years ago, when entertainment in the DMV was virtually dead, and folks were flocking to South Florida every year for Memorial weekend, we've set a goal to revive nightlife in the DC/MD/VA area, and within months of us getting to work, the DMV was already buzzing again. Now 11 years later, DC is again one of the top 2 destinations in the country most LGBT men travel to every weekend to turn up. DC is also the leader in matters of Pride festivities again, not just in the country, but throughout the world, specifically for what concerns the quality of events, and we're proud to say that is largely thanks to us.

In 11 years, we've hosted events as small as 300 people and events as large as 6,000. But whether the attendance is 300 or 6K, the one thing that remains constant at all of our events, is the electric and euphoric atmosphere of fun. We have also booked over 60 major celebrities and entertainers to host or perform at our events the past 11 years and on that aspect, we are batting 100%. Every single celebrity we've booked have showed up and have discharged their contractual obligations to us and by extension, to you. In fact, we are the only LGBT entertainment organization in the country to hold such a record for such a long period of time. Hence the reason we are the most trusted name in entertainment in the DMV. We do this because we love to do it. We do not do things to try to get rich, which is why our events are always reasonably priced. We treat you just like we would like to be treated as a patron.

Thus, we thank you infinitely for your trust...